WMC I-1 WORLD MUAYTHAI Extreme Prix will be held in Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Star Hall) on 18 April 2017. The event features some of WMC’s finest athletes such as Tum Mardsua the winner of the Challenger TV series and also 3 time WMC I-1 champion amongst others.


The Main Events are the WMC I-1 World Title Super-4 Championships.
The 4 champions competing for the 61kg Super-4 are:
Ncedo Gomba (South Africa)
Kana Hyatt (USA)
Amir Naseri ( Iran)
Azwan ( Malaysia)

I-1 Asia Belt 66kg
Trijak Fight High Fitness(Thailand) vs Kim Dong Wan (South Korea)

I-1 Intercontinental Belt 51kg
Gray Tang (Hong Kong) vs PokCek (Malaysia)

I-1 Asia Belt Belt 57kg
Lo Kit Fung (Hong Kong) vs NonthachaiKiatkorwit (Thailand)

I-1 Asia Belt 48kg
Kwok Hoi Ling (HongKong) vs Baifern Porniramons (Thailand)

I-1 Super Belt 72kg
Tum Mardsua (Thailand) vs Adam Bailey(Australia)

I-1 Super Fight Belt 67kg
Athit Rueanphet (Thailand) vs Michalis Manoli ( Cyprus )

I-1 Super Fight Belt 62kg
Dom (Thailand) vs Ryan Jakiri (Philippines) Nayr Irikaj

I-1 Super Fight Belt 70kg
Alex Oller (Brazil) vs Omer ilhan yilmaz (Turkey)

Special thank you to promoter Kim Yip and the Hong Kong Muaythai Association for another world class muaythai event in one of the most dynamic cities in the world Hong Kong.

Promoter : Master Kim Ip

Ticket Purchase Hotline: 31288 288
Enquires Hotline: 92122584
Organizer: Kim Ip Production House
Co-Organizer: H.K.Muaythai Association / World Muaythai Council
World Kickboxing Corporation(China) / Silver Capital
Official Website: www.kimipgym.com / www.i-1official.com