This year kicked off splendidly for the Hellenic Muaythai Federation (HMF) with an agreement of cooperation with UNESCO, which is taking action in order to promote Muaythai the best possible way.

HMF and UNESCO joined together for the first time last summer, when Muaythai was part of the multi-cultural week organised in Athens by UNESCO. Since then there have been many steps forward. The president of UNESCO (Greece) and Vice President of the World UNESCO, Mr. Maronitis Ioannis and the president of HMF, Mr. Drosos Michalis agreed to start a group of Muaythai and Muay Boran training, under the patronage of UNESCO, in a specially designed venue in Athens for this purpose.

Muaythai also will be included in every cultural or athletic event hosted by UNESCO either in Greece or abroad and will have future close cooperation towards the development of Muaythai in Greece.

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