This Friday the 24th March will see the third installment of Wu Fights in the beautiful city of Taiyuan in the Shanxi Province of China.

The event which will run monthly until the final in December, changes host cities each month promoting the sport all across the country and features the some of the best IFMA and WMC athletes.


Today saw all the athletes arrive from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and New Zealand meeting for a photo shoot with the local press. The event featured honourary guest Lang Xiaofeng a Kung Fu Master and local celebrity who welcomed all the athletes from around the globe and wished them all the best in the competition.


Also present were 100 Sanda students dressed in their traditional uniform who payed homage to the Grand Master by performing a traditional ritual.

Once again Wu Fights continues to promote the sport of Muaythai by bringing athletes from all corners of the globe, from all at the WMC we wish all the athletes the best of luck.

Yuan Peng Bin (China) vs Sak Jitti Gym 65kg



Zhang Yong Kang (China) vs Na Seung il (Korea) 75kg

Cao Lu Jian (China) vs Daniel Kerr (New Zealand) 80kg

Ou An (China) vs Zeselkin Sergey (Russia) 80kg

Liu Yu Chun (China) vs Ham Minho (Korea) 90kg

Li Jia Cheng (China) vs Shelepov Semen (Russia) 100kg