With a very busy year ahead, the 2022 IFMA Ad-Hoc Management Committee (AHMC) held its first meeting of the year. The AHMC is made up of thirteen members of the Executive Committee. It is allocated for specific duties and roles in relation to projects, events, campaigns and/or all relevant IFMA functions.

The AHMC meeting was led by the IFMA Director General Charissa Tynan who briefed the members on all upcoming 2022 events such as European Championships, Asian Championships, Senior World Championships, Youth World Championships, The World Games, University World Cup Combat Sports, EUSA Games, Sea Games among others.

IFMA Honourary President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan was also present to give a brief report on the recent Senior & Youth World Championships 2021 that were held last month in Bangkok, Thailand.

The One Standard Muaythai university education programme was presented by Athletes Commission Chair Janice Lyn.

Dr Erdogan, Chair of the IFMA Medical Commission gave the committee an overview of the Anti-Doping report and educational plans for 2022.

The first 2022 Rankings Committee report was presented and approved with all upcoming title fights for the first quarter.

The budget for the Cultural Programme was also approved, towards the promotion and protection of Muaythai’s traditional aspects, culture and heritage at all 2022 events and activities.

The Committee then unanimously voted on the appointment of IFMA Vice President General Udomdej as the AHMC Chair. General Udomdej will be an important link between the IFMA Ad Hoc and the Kingdom of Thailand.

General Udomdej stated that he would continue to ensure IFMA’s vision towards universality, inclusion, equality, protection of the youth, and IFMA’s zero-tolerance against cheating of any kind.