Dr. Tapsuwan, President of the AMTAT under Royal Patronage and IFMA has been re-elected for a 3rd term in the office of IFMA President.

The Grand Ballroom of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Tahskent was the venue for the 2011 IFMA General Assembly, at which the IFMA board was re-elected.

Stephan Fox was re-elected as the General Secretary of IFMA while Mr. Kajorn Prowsri was re-elected as Treasurer. Karim Massimov, PM of Kazakhstan was re-elected as Vice President together with Mr. Yeo Kyu Tae from Korea. Sue Latta, Chairman of the Female Commission, was elected as the first female Vice President on the Executive Committee.

Other Vice Presidents re-elected include:

Tim Lee (Executive Member, HKMTA)
Jacques Mairesse (President, EMF)
Mats Soderstrom (Executive Member, SMF)
Gary Trappler (Executive Member, SAAMF & IFMA Legal Commission)
Drissa El Hilali (President, MAR NF)
Jorge Vasquez (President, MEX NF)
Gennady Trukhanov (President, UKR NF)

For the IFMA Executive Board, the following people were elected:

Roger Sallis (President MTA)
Emilio Becker (Executive Member, SPA NF)
Sherzod Tashmatov (President, UZB NF)
Anthony Lin (President, USA NF)
Mervyn Tan (President, AMAS)
Ralph Beale (International Coordinator UKMF)
Mike Miles (Executive Member, CAN NF)
Detlef Turnau (President, MTBD)
Gen. Lucas Managuelod (President, PHI NF)
Rafal Szlachta (President, POL NF, General Secretary EMF)
Zhou Jin Biao (Prepresentative Muaythai CHN)
Halil Durna (President TUF NF)
Dmitry Putilin (President RMTF)
Javad Nasiri (President, IRN NF)
Sami Kiblawi (President, LEB NF)
Iztok Vorkapic (President, SLO NF)
Julie Malene Witt (President, DEN NF)
Muhd Shahnaz Azmi (MAS NF)

The meeting drew much attention from the media, with many important points on the agenda.