Muaythai in England is growing stronger and stronger through the efforts of the United Kingdom Muaythai Federation, the sole member of the WMC and IFMA.

London is the host of the 2012 Olympic Games and this year also hosted the biggest sport convention, the SportAccord Convention & Exhibition. Muaythai is a member of SportAccord as one of the 104 world recognised sports under the WMC and IFMA.

SportAccord was another fantastic venue at which muaythai was promoted in England, and the Good Morning London muaythai work out session for all convention delegates was a huge success. Muaythai in England is on its way to gaining full government and Olympic recognition.

The England team is in full preparation for the upcoming sole recognised World Championships in Uzbekistan organised by IFMA, and in the next 4 weeks there will be 3 events sanctioned by the UKMF, WMC and IFMA.

2 English fighters have been selected to fight amongst the elite in the Muaythai Premiere League, the championship league of muaythai.