The birth of Extreme-F1 originated with one of New Zealand’s founding veteran fighters and champions of the sport, who is also New Zealand’s National Muaythai Coach: Eddy Lee.

Eddy’s passion for lightweights and for helping amateur fighters step up their performances and make it to the next level, proved a huge success last year with the rise of many new champions. Some have now turned professional, and some have become the leaders of the light weight divisions.

The WMC and IFMA are proud to sanction this event, as not only does it pertain to the strength and high level of Muaythai in NZ, but it also allows the WMC and IFMA to continue building and living up to their reputations of housing and sanctioning the best amateur and professional fighters in the

A highlight for the opening of Extreme-F1 is the amateur Junior 4-man. This event is the first of its kind in our country. This Junior 4-man champion fight will be fought according to IFMA amateur rules, over 3 rounds of full Muaythai. The competing boys have been carefully selected from NZ’s finest junior fighters, one of them is NZ’s St. Petersburg representative and NZ’s Eddy “The Heat” Puru.
These youth are leading the way by participating in the launch of New Zealand’s “Sport Is Your Gang” campaign, so a big shout-out to the boys for this incredible achievement! Who will be crowned the king of the Junior 4-man?

Extreme-F1 will also feature two international fights: The first will be the New Zealand WMC Professional Cruiserweight Title and the second will be a NZ vs AUS professional bout. Both fights will be a true revelation of the soaring height of professional Muaythai in NZ.

Not to be missed, this is a show which clearly portrays the dedication of its promoter to building and nurturing New Zealand Muaythai, from the level of amateur youth to professional fighters competing at the highest level. The event will be covered live on the night by Maori T.V., and it will be a night for the history books.