Play True Day is dedicated to clean sport and is intended to raise awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others about the global fight against doping.

The IFMA and WMC Family have come together today virtually to pledge their support for Clean Sport. IFMA continually encourages its stakeholders to uphold the values of fair play both on and off the field of play.

April 9th 2020 marks this year’s commemoration of Play True Day which was inspired from a WADA-hosted Education Conference in 2013, which was attended by 17 South American countries. While the celebration started as a small South American initiative, last year, the Agency’s digital and social media campaign reached over six million people with numerous individuals and organizations taking part from around the globe.

This year, given the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having around the globe, WADA has seized the opportunity to engage the global anti-doping community in solidarity around the theme Play Safe on Play True Day 2020. The IFMA family has enthusiastically hopped on board to post and share their messages and pledges for clean sport.

As the WADA Anti-Doping Organisation for muaythai, IFMA is proud of its members for the incredible support shown in conveying this important message world-wide. We are truly united and doing our part to combat COVID-19 by Playing Safe on Play True Day 2020!