On the 23rd of April an exciting match will take place in Slovak city, Zilina for the WMC Intercontinental 76.2kg Title. Vladimír Moravcík, will appear before his audience to fight against Thai star Kemovi Bernenungovi. The match will be a culmination of the Enfusion 39 gala with the WMC belt becoming a decoration for the strongest.

Five years ago both athletes met in the ring with Slovak winning on points. This year will be a chance for Thailand to equalise the score and win the prestigious title.

The night will see 5 exciting rounds giving the crowd a show and emoting of the highest level. For Vladimir, who is two times WMC I-1 champion and holder of the WMC European title, this will be a statement match taking into consideration there will be a full venue of his supporters. For Bernenung this match will be an opportunity to show the world again the strength of the sport originating in Thailand.