Kevin Ross is one of the most outstanding muaythai practitioners of the United States and considered by many as one of the pioneers of the sport. Born In Pennsylvania and today residing in Las Vegas, Kevin in his younger years walked a challenging path of life until he turned his life around finding the spirit and art of muaythai.

His 20 year muaythai journey took him around the world and Kevin has become a household name in the Kingdom of Thailand, competing in such prestigious events as the King’s Cup and Toyota Eight Man Tournament to name a few.

Kevin lives and breathes muaythai, follows the strict traditions, performs the Wai Khru beautifully and is known for his never give up attitude and once quoted he would rather lose an exciting fight than win a boring one.

Kevin was a WMC champion but he also is known as a true ambassador, always being there for the next generation and no doubt he will pass his knowledge and his good spirit on to the next generation of Nak Muays of the United States.

The WMC and IFMA leadership honours Kevin Ross as much as being a true ambassador on and off the field of play and we are looking to forward to continuing the close cooperation towards the next generation.

Respect to you Kevin Ross and thank you for all the wonderful moments in the ring.