2017 will be another historical year for muaythai with the first inclusion of muaythai in the World Games, an event patronised by the IOC.

Muaythai is expanding a two-year promotional campaign towards Wroclaw 2017 with the 1st step being the first sport starting the qualification series at the Royal World Cup last month in Bangkok with 120 countries participating.

Now a national hype will be created in Poland in which muaythai is fully recognised by the sports ministry and NOC and has a huge popularity.

The last year’s final at the European Championship attracted over 10,000 spectators in the Krakow Arena which clearly shows the popularity the sport has.

The Polish Muaythai Federation under the President Rafal Szlachta, also the General Secretary of EMF, IFMA EB member is one of the most active IFMA member federation and undoubtedly a lot of energy will go into the preparation.

It started two weeks ago in the capital city, Warsaw with the national team promoting muaythai and the award winning performance Muaythai Live flying from Thailand to promote muaythai and the World Games at this special fair.

October 24 will mark the official kick-off in the host city Wroclaw and Rafal Szlachta stated that it is a true honour to be a first sport to start the official campaign and to mark the host country and the motherland of muaythai it is Poland vs Thailand in the Gala Event.

The Mayor of Wroclaw, RafaƂ Dutkiewicz said that this will create a true hype for Wroclaw as the event is worldwide televised and the director of the organising committee, Piotr Przygonski is looking forward to an unforgettable night in the Orbita arena.

Many VIPs will travel from far, the CEO of World Games, Mr. Joachim Gossow will be part of the official press conference and AIMS President, and IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox will travel from Thailand to show the importance muaythai and IFMA have given to Wroclaw, IWGA and all the athletes participating in this upcoming multisport event.
Let the World Games road to WIGA in Wroclaw begin!