Lumpini has been for more than five decades, located in the centre of Bangkok City, attached to the beautiful Lumpini Park, hosting three fight shows every week. It was the golden days of so many Thai legends such as Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn, Samart Payakaroon and Pudpad Noy Worawoot. Then in the 1980’s when Muaythai has become more recognised internationally, it was the late Ramon Dekker, amongst many other international superstars who made the spectators queue for hours to get their ticket. The WMC has always been involved in the Lumpini Stadium since the inauguration with the late General Vorayudh and the President General Chetta Thanajaro being part of Lumpini board.


Tonight, for the special birthday show, six Lumpini and two WMC Championships will be held. It will be a very nostalgic moment as this will be the last Lumpini birthday show in this stadium as next year the stadium will be moved to a new location. People from across the globe will be traveling to Bangkok tonight, to be part of the last birthday show and a special offering will be given by the President of the WMC to Lumpini.


Let the fight begin!