After the great success the event met at its last two visits in Greece (2016 & 2017), there will be a third one on December! The promoter, Mr. Pavlos Kaponis, is targeting on a greater sport’s awareness evolution in Greece and sets the satisfaction barrier very high. Added to that, after the end of the current year, he has set a milestone, to initiate the official WMC Muay Thai rankings in his home country!


MTGP is a fast growing event around the European continent which sets the audience satisfaction level at the highest standards. On the 28th of October the show will be presented in Paris, on November the 18th, it will make an appearance in its home country in London and the final date is set in the Greek capital on December the 3rd, at which 3 WMC National Title fights and 1 Super 4-Man tournament WMC Title belt will be on the menu! The Greek show will also be available on PPV on the Elite Boxing Live TV!