A muaythai Seminar was successfully held on Saturday, September 24th, organized by the member union of P.O.M. (Panhellenic Muaythai Federation), A.S. ACHILLES, in Malia, Crete, within the framework of the Federation’s action, for the spread of the sport entitled “Muaythai from Edge to Edge”.

The lecturer of the seminar was a member of the Examining Committee of the P.O.M., Khru Theodoros Gkitsas.

Instructors from the federation and members of P.O.M. who participated were evaluated in order to be promoted to the next level alongside students who attended in order to strengthen their knowledge about our sport.

The exams were held in the presence of the President of P.O.M., Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, who congratulated the participants on their progress to date in muaythai.

Congratulations to everyone who successfully passed the course!