It has been a great week full of excitement and heated rivalry with truly close decisions and friendly competition spanning  great distances over the world via the digital super highway. 

This is the first time in IFMA’s history that an event was held in 134 countries with venues set up in living rooms, parks, gyms and roof tops around the globe. IFMA athletes truly showed that neither distance nor  pandemic can be an obstacle for a demonstration of unity even in the most challenging times.

Today IFMA celebrates the winners of the 2020 Virtual World Championships and above all the victory of sport and a new format of competition which gave an equal chance to muaythai practitioners around the world to be part of the international event. The Virtual World Championships made it possible to avoid lengthy travels, complicated visa applications, and allowed participation to everyone at zero cost.

Four competitions widened the audience of competitors to much more than combat discipline, giving a chance to athletes compete in IFMA disciplines: Wai Kru, and also choreographic Aero Fit and fitness Max Fit competitions.

IFMA would like to thank to its partners United Arab Muaythai Federation and MTG  which were key players in delivering this event to the teams, youth and the entire world.

IFMA is proud to announce the medalists through the first ever digital Medal Ceremony to congratulate athletes who were awarded the first ever medals for the Virtual World Championships. 

The winners for Max Fit and Aero Fit are continuing their virtual journey to the UTS Virtual Sports Festival to compete together with athletes from more than 100 international sports federations and organisations. 

The 2020 Virtual World Championships does not finish as the legacy of it already has continuation in IFMA national federations taking over this concept. 

Congratulations all the winners and see you again at the following edition of the Virtual Tournaments.