The Rajadamnern Stadium, steeped in tradition, stands as the epicenter of muaythai. Its ancient walls have witnessed countless battles, and this Saturday promises another chapter in its storied legacy. As the sun sets over Bangkok tomorrow night, fans from around the world will converge, their excitement palpable.

The wait is finally over, the biggest Muaythai tournament, just got bigger! Get ready to see what happens when the champions, superstars, and rising prospects from every corner of the world meet at the world’s first Muaythai stadium to find out who will be the best in each division.

The Rajadamnern World Series tournament divisions and schedules have finally been released for diehard fans to follow every Saturday for the next 5 months. The divisions include stacked world class athletes, saturated with IFMA champions, World Champions and prestigious Rajadamnern, Omnoi, Channel 7, Top King and Lumpinee stadium champions in the Female Bantamweight, Male Welterweight, Male Super Welterweight, Male Featherweight and Male Super Lightweight divisions, promising the most electrifying matches week after week.

Since 2022, after the stadium itself went through a complete renovation to go with the change of the times to adapt to the modern demands and technical innovations. Since then, RWS has carved its place in the annals of muaythai history, drawing fighters and fans alike. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Debut Platform for IFMA World Champions: Many IFMA World Champions have made their debut on the RWS stage. The organization’s commitment to supporting athletes and providing exposure on a high-level platform has garnered praise. Saturday’s Welterweight Tournament card, for example, will showcase 4 former IFMA athletes and champions namely, Yodwicha, Sajad, Hercules and Erdem Dincer fighting to be in the Final 4 of the tournament.
  2. Thrilling Fights: The RWS consistently delivers thrilling matchups, showcasing the artistry and power of muaythai. Legends collide, rising stars shine, and underdogs defy expectations.
  3. Legacy and Tradition: Rajadamnern Stadium, with its rich legacy, adds gravitas to the RWS. Fighters step into the same ring where legends once stood—a connection to the sport’s roots.
  4. Global Audience: Fans from around the world tune in to witness the RWS. The event’s global reach has elevated muaythai’s profile. Especially with RWS’ new cooperation with DAZN bringing Rajadamnern Stadium live in 200 countries and territories outside of the Motherland into fans’ living rooms.

Let’s take a look at this Saturday’s line-up in the Men’s Welterweight Division containing multiple world champions and IFMA champions:

In Group A of the Welterweight Division we have:

Erdem Dincer vs Saenpon

Tapaokaew vs Chooiaroen

In Group B of the Welterweight Division we have:

Yodwicha vs Max McVicker

Hercules vs Sajad

Only two fighters from each group will go through and compete in the Final 4 round on Saturday, October 19th.

As we eagerly await this Saturday’s showdown, let’s celebrate the RWS—a beacon of excellence in the world of combat sports.

RWS is live every Saturday at 7:45pm ICT/1:45pm CEST in 200+ countries and territories on DAZN (outside Thailand).

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