WMC and IFMA have signed an important campaign with UN Women 2 years ago to end violence against women. WMC president, Gen. Chettha Thanajaro, says that giving back is important and Muaythai must continue to help with transformation of life of those in need, injecting positive development.

IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, stated that Muaythai is in various campaigns such as Muaythai Against Drugs, Sport is Your Gang which has won the Spirit of Sport awards and the important UN Women campaign. Using our champion athlete will help to change perspective and stereotypes forging greater understanding tolerance and trust.Sue Latta, IFMA Vice President and President of Oceania Muaythai Federation and former world champion who is one of the key person in the campaign, says that Muaythai is a martial art based on respect. Respect means gender, religion, social background and races. Muaythai will continue to use its power to contribute to a better society.

buakhao 3

Stephan Fox, President of AIMS, stated that the HeForShe campaign with UN Women is an important one where the Muaythai superstar, Buakaw, as a role model will use his popularity to stand up to promote gender equality. Buakaw, who has won the WMC World title 5 times, also received the cup from his Serene Highness Prince Albert II in our Sport is Your Gang campaign is the perfect role model. His popularity will get the attention that this campaign needs.