After the Danish Championship being a huge success in 2011, with an extreme boom in number of fights, it was exciting to see if the success would continue at their 2012 Championship.

The championship was held over 2 days for the first time, 1 day dedicated to the preliminary fights and 1 day for the finals. It turned out to be 2 days with a lot of fights, with even more gyms participating than the year before.

Not only has there been an increase in participation, but also the quality has improved, the Danish fighters are developing into some really talented fighters. The most spectacular fight of the event was in the -63,5kg division between 2 young fighters: Zayn Awan and Soufian Touti, it will be exciting to see what the future brings for them.

Inspired by some of the other IFMA international events like the World Championship, the event saw an opening ceremony and had made uniforms for the fighters to wear at the finals.

The opening ceremony featured a Thai culture aspect with Thai dance and live Thai music. And for honor and inspiration the “Fighter of the Year 2011”, Youssef Assouik, read the Muaythai pledge to the audience, trainers and fellow athletes.

At the end of the evening the “Best Junior Fighter”, “Best Female Fighter”, “Best Fighter”, “Best Ramuay” and the “Best Gym” was  awarded and received prizes.

We look forward to see what the future will bring for Danish Muaythai!!