The much-anticipated 2024 IFMA Senior World Championships kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony in the historical city of Patras, Greece. At the Opening Ceremony, athletes, delegates, and fans from around the world gathered to celebrate the sport of Muaythai and showcase their skills on the international stage.

Greece, revered as the birthplace of the Olympics, served as the perfect backdrop for this epic gathering. The rich history and spirit of Greece embody the values of excellence and sportsmanship that Muaythai represents. As we stepped into 2024, this championship became symbolically our Olympic year—a testament to the enduring legacy of the ancient games.

As the opening ceremony unfolded, the energy was electric. Flags waved with the pride of the athletes, drums beat to the Greek anthem by the regional band, and the crowd cheered as athletes paraded proudly in their national colors. The spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship filled the air, setting the stage for intense battles in the ring.

Many VIPs were present for this celebration of the athletes of muaythai including: Patras Mayor, Mr Konstantinos Peletidis, Patras Vice Mayor of Sports, Mr Takis Petropoulos and His Excellency the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Mr Satthana Kashemsanta Na Ayudhya and members of the National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry.

The PMF President, Ionnis Papadopoulos, welcomed the athletes to Patras, with its ancient architecture and vibrant culture making it the perfect place to host the nak muay of the world for the next 9 days, providing a unique and historic backdrop for this one-of-a-kind global event.

The AIMS and UTS President, Stephan Fox, thanked the President of PMF for welcoming the IFMA Family to Ancient Olympia. He spoke on unity and the Olympic truce and hailed the 2024 IFMA Senior World Championships in Patras, Greece, as more than just a sporting event, but a celebration of unity in diversity especially with athletes of all abilities and nationalities standing together as one, as one world, one muaythai. He stated that, “IFMA can be proud that athletes from all countries can be here standing together to demonstrate the power of sport and the unity of the athletes.”

The Oaths were taken by Athlete: Afroditi Karmen Tsavdaridi from Greece, Coach: Xavier Lafaye from France and Referee: Pattaraporn  Rodjarorn from Thailand and followed by an impressive cultural Greek performance and dance and muay boran demonstrations from both the host country Greece, and the motherland, Thailand.

As the sun set over the ancient city, and the first bouts began, the promise of unforgettable moments and historic victories hung in the air.

May this championship continue to inspire future generations of Muaythai athletes worldwide and with the record number in broadcasting, be the flagship for the exciting major events to come in the year.