The 31st SEA Games opened in Hanoi at the National Stadium with a spectacular display of culture, lights and music.

The stadium was filled to capacity with 40,000 spectators experiencing a beautiful opening with standing ovations. 4,900 athletes will participate in this important regional sporting event from 11 participating nations and all of them proudly marching into the stadium waving their national flags and tracksuits.

Muaythai once again is one of the main sports and arts in the Sea Games and IFMA is proud that, for the first time, muaythai will participate in the SEA Games as an IOC recognised international sport. Muaythai and IFMA have been included in the SEA Games since 1995.

The President of Vietnam Nguyễn Xuân Phúc proudly declared the games open and the stadium erupted in a sea of lights when the official song Let’s Shine was played.

The IFMA family wishes all of the participating sports and athletes the best of luck for the competition standing together in solidarity and in fairly. 

Let the games begin!