The city of Barnsley hosted Legacy Promotions on Saturday for a night of muaythai action in the United Kingdom sanctioned by the UKMF in cooperation with IFMA and the WMC.

The undercard saw muaythai at its best, showcasing the English talent. Promoter Hamdi Karim put together this world-class event with the best of the best which was not about making sure the home team wins but rather giving the home team the best opportunities and the audience the best athletes of the world.

The main fight saw Sam Turner against Jack from Thailand compete for 5 rounds of world-class muaythai which had the audience on their feet from the beginning to the end.

It was a close decision but also showcased the fairness of UKMF by using judges from the world governing body, the decision went to Thailand but respect must go to everyone involved and the English athletes and the rematch is already in the making.

Congratulations to Hamdi Karim and everyone involved in this event.