The boxer who intentionally behaves in any of the following mode is considered foul:

15.1. Biting, eye poking, spitting on the opponent, sticking out tongue to make faces, head butting, striking, or any similar action.

15.2. Throwing, back breaking, locking the opponent’s arms, using Judo and wrestling techniques.

15.3. Falling over or going after a fallen opponent or opponent who is getting up. Rope grabbing to fight or for other purposes.

15.4. Using provocative manners during contest.

15.5. Disobeying the referee’s command.

15.6. Knee striking at the groin area (e.g. holding for knee striking at the groin and straight knee striking at the groin area). For such violations, the referee has the right to allow a resting time-out, not more than five (5) minutes long. If the knee-struck boxer refuses to continue, the referee shall declare him as the loser or “no decision”.

15.7. Catching the opponent’s leg and pushing forwards more than two (2) steps without using any weapons. The referee shall order the boxer to stop and shall give him caution. After two cautions, the referee shall warn him.

15.8. If a boxer pretends to fall on the ring floor after his kicking leg is caught. This is considered to be taking advantage over his opponent and the referee shall give him a caution. If the boxer repeats the action and the referee has given him two cautions, he shall receive a warning.

15.9. When both boxers fall out of the ring and either boxer tries to delay getting back into the ring.

15.10. Using forbidden substances as specified by WADA.

15.11. Violating any of the rules.