5.1. Boxers must wear shorts neatly at half-thigh length, without shirt or shoes. The red corner boxer may wear shorts in red, pink, maroon, or white. The blue corner boxer may wear shorts in blue, navy blue, or black.

5.2. Boxers must wear a protective cup or a groin guard for the genital organs, made of strong material capable to protect them from knee blows or other kinds of blows. The groin guard is strung and tied with a knot behind the back and neatly covered ends.

5.3. A Boxer must be clean shaven before the medical examination and each bout. Beards and moustaches are not allowed.

5.4. Boxers’ fingernails and toenails must be closely and neatly cut.

5.5. Boxers shall wear a sacred headband (Mongkol) only when they pay homage (Waikru) before the bout. During the bout boxers may wear an inscribed cloth, amulet, or charm around the upper arm (Prajiad) or strung around the waist (Takrut), considering it is neatly wrapped and covered with cloth to prevent harm.

5.6. Boxers may wear ankle supports, one for each ankle, but not to be shin supports, or to roll half way down. Wrapping the ankles and legs with pieces of cloth is not permitted.

5.7. Boxers shall not wear belts or dangerous ornaments.

5.8. It is not permitted to apply vaseline, rubbing oil (balm), fat, or herbal ointment on the boxers’ body or gloves.

5.9. Form fitted gum shields must be worn during the contest.

5.10. Dressing violation shall be called in case the boxers’ uniforms are not clean or not in accordance with Rules 5.1 to 5.9. The referee shall order the offending boxer to correct all faults before the bout starts. During the bout, if the boxers’ gloves or attire is improperly displaced, the referee shall stop the fight immediately to correct the faults.