8.1. In general competitions, each boxer may have two (2) seconds. The chairman must be informed about the chief second and his assistant before the bout. For championship bouts, each boxer may have up to three (3) seconds, but only two (2) seconds are allowed into the ring during round intervals.

8.2. Second’s Duties:

8.2.1. Seconds shall not give any advice or encourage their boxer during the bout. If they violate the rule, the referee will warn, caution, or dismiss them from their duties.

8.2.2. During the bout, the seconds must stay on their seats. Before each round, they must clear towels, water bottles, and other materials from the ring platform.

8.2.3. During a round interval, the seconds must check the boxer’s attire in readiness for the bout. If there is any problem, the seconds must notify the referee immediately to solve it.

8.2.4. When applying water on boxers, the seconds shall not wet the ring floor. They must also towel the boxer.

8.2.5. Seconds must not use abusive words and shall not hurt the boxers during or after the bout.

8.2.6. Seconds must wear uniforms or shirts with their boxing camp symbol, which are in no way offensive or abusive.

8.2.7. The boxer’s chief second may give up for his boxer by stepping into the ring.

8.2.8. Seconds are not allowed to throw sponges or towels into the ring at any time, particularly during the course of counting.

8.2.9. Seconds may arrange their own material, equipment and medical supplies at their corners as follows: