The WMC is the authoritative body for regulating professional Muaythai, both in Thailand and around the world. Set up by parliament resolution, the WMC is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand, working together with the highest sport authorities of all member countries around the world to regulate all aspects of the art and sport of Muaythai. The inauguration meeting was held in 1995 at an appropriate venue, the United Nation Conference Centre with representatives from 39 countries attended. Presently there are 120 member countries registered with the WMC. The Executive Board and various committees ranging from technical and rules, refereeing and judging, medical, finance, youth, women, press and public relations, business and legal; all were democratically elected.

The Council has been charged with the responsibility for the expansion of Muaythai worldwide. This involves supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills of Muaythai and to assist in the pursuit of excellence in the art.

The Council’s primary objective is to maintain and promote excellence in the art of Muaythai. This is predominantly as a cultural art-form, in addition as a form of self-defence and a popular ring-sport. Together with the above stated aims, the WMC has the government’s directive to regulate all Muaythai competitions worldwide, this in accordance with the government-approved Articles of Association.

The tradition of Muaythai is deeply entwined with the history of Thailand dates back to around a thousand years ago. Fostering Muaythai as part of Thai culture is then the principal aim of the WMC. The overwhelming responsibility of the Council is to unite all international organisations under one regulatory council in order to promote and preserve Muaythai.
In recent years, Muaythai has undergone a huge surge of interest. As other forms of martial arts become popular, we can see Muaythai growing exponentially. Membership is extended to all associations established with similar principles to those of the Council when they are constituted legally under their own governments.

The Council not only enforces equality in all matches, it is the sole body for sanctioning of championship bouts of a world standard. The worldwide members of 120 countries in all 5 continents and the WMC are working together to hold shows, events, seminars, instructor courses and referees and judges courses; to further increase the standard of Muaythai around the world.

The Head Office of the WMC is located at the Sports Authority of Thailand Complex in Bangkok where the Thailand-related affairs are dealt with as well as the international office in the heart of Bangkok. The Honorary President is H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya, the Privy Councillor to His Majesty the King of Thailand. The President, General Chetta Thanajaro was the former Defence Minister, the former Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army and the Honorary President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand. The Executive Board and Committees is made up of highly recognized personalities from over 80 countries around the world. They are the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the President of Seoul Sports Council, the Mayor of Odessa and many more. The former Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan is the General Secretary and Muaythai personality, Stephan Fox is the Vice President and International Coordinator.

The WMC is an exceedingly democratic organization. The elections are held every four years during the World Meetings and the Committees are evaluated every two years. In 2019 the WMC merged with the IOC recognised International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) which was set up to take Muaythai to the Olympic mainstream. In order for the professional and amateur side to work together, many WMC officials also hold various positions with the IFMA.

Appreciation is extended to the WMC Board who unites all member countries and builds strong foundation for our sport, just as the slogan says “One World – One Muaythai”.