This international league, which has been growing at a fast rate, has already completed its 6th season with more and more international clubs joining the project each year. The league runs from September till July and is formed by 8 seasonal tournaments, organized in different cities in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

It is a great chance for absolute beginners and less experienced amateur fighters to gain skills directly in the muaythai ring. This is especially true because of the matchmaking system used in this league which aims to match up fighters considering their weight, age, but most importantly their experience.

As by IFMA Rules and Regulations, boxers wear full protection (shin and elbow protectors, vest and helmet) and bouts take 3 x 2 min.

The following weight divisions are available:
: -45kg  -48kg  -51kg  -54kg  -57kg  -60kg  -63,5kg  -67kg  -71kg  -76kg  -81kg  -86kg  -91kg  +91kg
FEMALE: -55kg  -60kg  -63,5kg  +63,5kg

The league has a clear point scoring system. All fighters are given points according to the result in each of their fight; these points accumulate throughout the league, and give a closing ranking where the two best fighters of each weight division compete in a final bout for the Euroliga Amateur Champion belt.

The Euroliga Muaythai Title is becoming more and more prestigious since more than 300 athletes, from 7 different countries, participated in the last season.

Euroliga Muaythai SEASON 2010/2011:

1st round – 9.10.2010 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
2nd round – 12-14.11.2011 – Slovak IFMA Muaythai Open – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
3rd round – 18.12.2010 – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
4th round – 30.1.2011 – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
5th round – 6.3.2011 – Nemecka, Slovakia
6th round – 17.4.2011 – Nemecka, Slovakia
7th round – 15.5.2011 – Hlohovec, Slovakia
8th round – 9.7.2011 – Zvolen, Slovakia







We would like to present now the 1st round of the upcoming 7th Season of the Euroliga Muaythai!
7 regular tournaments and one Slovak IFMA Muaythai tournament, which we hope to keep as a tradition, have already started their planning for 2011/2012.

Euroliga Muaythai SEASON 2011/2012:

1st round – 9.10.2011 – Nemecká
2nd round – 6.11.2011 – Banská Bystrica
3rd round – 11.12.2011 – Nové Mesto nad Váhom
4th round – 5.2.2012 – TBA
5th round – 11.3.2012- TBA
6th round – 15.4.2012- TBA
7th round – 13.5.2012- TBA
Slovak Muaythai Open tournament

Date: 9.10.2011
Venue: Sports Hall in Nemecka /Close to Banska Bystrica/, Školska 25, Slovakia
Weigh-in: 8.00-10:00
Beginning of fights: about 11.30h
Deadline for nomination: 2nd October 2011

With the participation of fighters from 7 countries

 The fighters are obliged to bring with them:
– doctors report note, stating they are in good health and capable of participating in full contact fight  /the report must not be older than 6 months/
– health insurance card
– written consent of parents, who state they agree with their child fighting in Muay Thai / if the fighter is younger than    18 years of age/
– starting fee 7E /for fighters from registered clubs/
– starting fee 10E /for non-registered fighters/

The fights are 3x2min and according to IFMA rules.
– fighters younger than 16 years of age fight for 2x2min.
All fights are held under full Muay Thai IFMA rules for amateurs, in complete protection. The organiser provides the body protections and headguards, however the other equipment /10oz gloves, groin guard, mouth guard, shin guards, elbow protection/ are  provided by the fighter´s club. All equipment must be approved by the main referee prior to the fight.Taping of wrists, fists and ankles /with a tape/ is not allowed in Euroliga tournaments. Fighters who are older than 18 years of age are not obliged to wear body protection.