A full day event was organised in the pearl of Thai history, the legendary city of Ayutthaya. IFMA was participating in the event headed by the President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan.

Taking the triple booth in the center of the exhibition venue Muaythai was represented by IFMA, WMC and IGLA attracting hundreds of participants to find out about the upcoming events in the IFMA calendar. IFMA Sports Director Charissa Tynan had multiple important meetings with representatives of Jordan, India, Italy, Afghanistan and many more who used this opportunity to discuss the development of Muaythai in their countries and integrating into the Olympic movement on the national level.


IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan said that it became a great tradition for IFMA to meet the entire world of sport in Ayutthaya as it attracts so many people who do Muaythai as a cultural art form, fitness and a way of life. It’s a true testimony that Muaythai goes far beyond the competition venues and is much more than a combat sport for millions of people all around the world.


A special demonstration of Wai Kru was made at the IFMA booth by the youth athletes of Thailand which gathered crowds of people. The Muay Chaia choreographed bout followed which made the crowd excited about how versatile the sport is and how many disciplines Muaythai has within itself.


The day concluded with the Wai Kru ceremony honouring Nai Kanom Tom the father of Muaythai.

Nai Khanom Tom is the bedtime story for Thai children letting them dream about legends and warriors whom have been protectors of the Kingdom. The name Nai Khanom Tom is one that every Thai child knows and one that graces every historical book and publication about the sport. He is the one of the greatest Muaythai heroes.