On 24 February 2024, H.E. Mrs. Sirilak Niyom, Ambassador of Thailand to Denmark, and Counsellor Jaya Patrachai attended the Danish Muaythai Championship 2024 at Kalundborg Hallerne in Kalundborg, organized by the Danish Muaythai Federation.

On such occasion, the Ambassador also attended a dinner with Mr. Hans Emil Olesen, President of the Danish Muaythai Federation, along with organizing committee of the competition and discussed about plans to promote Muaythai in Denmark, including supporting the Danish Muaythai Federation to be recognized by The Danish National Olympic Committee and the Sports Confederation of Denmark to ensure that Muaythai is held to the same high standards as other Olympic sports in the country. In addition, the Ambassador also informed Mr. Olesen of Thai government’s policy to promote Muaythai at the international level. These include visa-free entry for foreigners to learn Muaythai in Thailand up to 90 days which will soon materialize; the setting up of standards for Muaythai teachers by providing training courses and professional certificate to export Muaythai teachers abroad; and the establishment of the National Muaythai Institute to effectively raise the art of Muaythai internationally. The goal is to include Muaythai as a sport in the Olympic Games in 2032 in Sydney after Muaythai was successfully included as sport competition in the European Games in Poland in 2023.

Muaythai is continuously increasing its popularity in Denmark as a sport which can be practiced by all genders and all ages. Currently, there are over 26 Muaythai clubs in Denmark that are members of the Danish Muaythai Federation who organizes the Danish championship every year. This year, the winner of the junior competition will travel to compete in the 2024 Youth Muaythai World Championships in Thailand and the winners of the senior divisions will compete in the 2024 Senior World Muaythai Championships in Greece.

Good luck to Team Denmark in their preparation for the Senior and Youth World Championships in Thailand and Greece respectively!

Story taken from: Ambassador of Thailand to Denmark attended the Danish Muay Thai Championships 2024 in Kalundborg – สถานเอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงโคเปนเฮเกน (thaiembassy.org)