Valentina Shevchenko, 5 time IFMA World Champion and 2 time World Combat Games Champion from Peru has rocketed to super stardom in South America.

Valentina was a member of the Green team on the 2nd season of a popular reality TV game show for young Peruvians called “Combate Peru”. The show’s format features 2 teams of participants who are pitted against one another through various physical and mental competitions and battles.

Valentina rocked her team to claim a victory during the dance battle where she again showed her abilities as a multi-talented over-all elite athlete with an energetic couples rock n’ roll number!

Valentina, whom is one of the athlete role models in IFMA’s social responsibilities programme and a member of the Athlete’s Commission is the perfect example for our youth showing that a fit mind and body can do anything!

A big congratulations to Valentina from her muaythai family here at IFMA!!