Today we will remember an outstanding martial artist known as a true legend as a Karateka, Kickboxer and muaythai athlete, he had legendary status in Japan being one of the superstars in the Kyokushin competitions becoming one of the all time greatest, Andy Hug.

In one of the biggest battles on Osaka as part of the K1 Grand Prix he dethroned Stan the Man winning the World Muaythai Council Heavyweight World Title which was the breakthrough of muaythai in Japan, both athletes receiving a standing ovation when he was crowned with the belt of all belts.

It was in Japan on August 2020 when he fell sick with acute Leukemia, Andy stated if he lost his battle he would like to die in Japan. He passed away only 10 days later, 2 weeks short of his 36th birthday. Andy was cremated in Kyoto, his ashes cremated in the cemetery of the Hoshuin Temple and many guests of honours including Swiss President Adolf Ogi travelled to Japan to join the over 12,000 funeral guests, with legends of martial arts being pall bearers.

The World Muaythai Council and IFMA made a special ceremony with over 1,000 athletes and guests to honour the legend of Andy Hug and we have a saying, heroes will be always remembered, legends never die
Rest in Peace, champ