Athinodoros “300” Michailidis vs Micael Calunga! 4 days to go for the MTGP12 Athens, the greatest fighting event of the year 2017 inside Athens! The fight announcements do not stop and every single one of them levels up the event’s fighting spirit!

Main International Fight: Athinodoros “300” Michailidis vs Micael Calunga! The unstoppable “300” is training at Diamond Camp and Calunga comes from the famous DoubleK gym in UK! The ferocious and brutal Michailidis is a fighter that takes no step back during the fight and Calunga is a highly technical skilled and clever fighter who is always hunting for the win! This is a fight where the audience will need no chair to sit and watch! This is a tit for tat fight! This is MTGP!! Be there! December the 3rd!!