Saturday the 10th December saw Phoenix promotions host one of the biggest fights of the year in Beirut, Lebanon which saw 5 time WMC champion Buakaw Banchamek go head to head with 5 time IFMA and WMC champion Andrei Kulebin. Both stepped into the ring to decide who will take home the junior middleweight (welterweight) Phoenix/WMC belt.


Both athletes had a fantastic year, Buakaw only one loss in China against Yi Long the Chinese champion but winning his title against Andrei Kulebin and just coming back from winning the European championships. Two outstanding warriors both on and off the field of play. Buakaw being the ambassador of the WMC ‘s He for She campaign and Kulebin being a member of the world athlete’s commission. Great fight with both athletes going toe to toe for 3 rounds to the 8,000 capacity crowd which has been hailed as one of the biggest fight promotions in the Middle East. In the end it was Buakaw that convinced the judges. Kulebin as always a true champion and next to Buakaw the winner is definitely Muaythai, Phoenix promotions and the Lebanese federation with more events to come hopefully.