Muaythai has a responsibility as an IOC recognised sport in contributing to social development and implementing social change. The WMC and IFMA have long had a strong relationship with UNESCO, UN Women and Peace and Sport and have been very active with regards to the He for She Campaign.

The He for She campaign which is run by UN Women came up with the “Active bystander” campaign produced with the objective to encourage young people especially young men, to take action on ending violence against women.

Buakaw, a 5 time WMC world champion and advocate of the sport was nominated as the He for She ambassador as he feels it is his responsibility to educate his role models through their various social networks. Buakaw is featured in the video which highlights the various ways bystanders can stand up against abusive men.

Buakaw is and continues to be a strong role model for young men, using the power of sport to tackle social issues is just one of the feats that make him such an amazing athlete.