Muaythai is an Olympic recognised sport and always has and always will play an important part in contributing to social development and use the power of the sport and athletes to create a better tomorrow.

Over many years social projects have been carefully planned such as Sport is your Gang by example which won the 2014 world spirit of sport award. Unity and diversity, anti-discrimination, gender equality, Muaythai for Everybody as a healthy lifestyle, cooperation with UNESCO, UN Women, Peace and Sport have set a strong foundation in the vision.


The Muaythai athletes play an important part in social responsibilities, especially as role models which can educate others. Elite athletes are role models to many and idols for youngsters which have a huge social network which can be used in so many ways. Our athletes commission encourages the Muaythai athletes on participation and promotes the IFMA principles that athletes are united for common goals. It is part of the Muaythai sport on excellent sportsmanship and this is why Buakaw one of the Muaythai superstars has been nominated as the He for She ambassador. At a recent press conference in which the Muaythai world celebrated their IOC recognition, Buakaw proudly carried the cooperation flag between Muaythai and UN Women and stated that it is every athlete’s responsibility to be champions in and out of the ring and Muaythai is one family where we all stand strong together.