May 28th, 2012 / Calgary, Canada

Promoter Mike Miles hosted the Challenger 5 – NO MERCY event on Friday May 25th at the Bowness Sportsplex in Calgary. The event boasted Team Canada against Team Scotland and Team USA and these bouts were very exciting. The amateur bouts were sanctioned by the Canadian MuayThai Council – Amateur (Alberta) and MuayThai Alberta (MA) in support of International Federation of MuayThai Amatuer (IFMA).

The Mike Miles Canadian Challenger Fight Series features top international athletes from around the world.

The NO MERCY event was blessed with coaches and athletes who handled themselves very professionally throughout the event. A huge thank you goes out to Paul Hamilton (UK) and John Craig (Scotland). Mr. Craig could not make it due to a last minute family issue. Thanks also to Andrew Hagar (USA), Mike MacDonald (Canada), Sifu Frank Lee, Kru Vanessa Bellegarde, KruYai Scott Clark, Kru Erik Lollike and Kru Eakkachai Panjamala (Thailand). A hats off to Mr. Albert Han who stepped up and assisted Team Scotland when Mr. John Craig could not come. Things ran amazingly smooth and respect and gratitude for all the cooperation during the event. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your support.


Lightmiddleweight Intercontinental Prestige Full MuayThai Rules Bout
Peter Arbeau (Canada) vs. Sean McDonald (Scotland)

The bout opened with both athletes very calm and each delivering a few probing kicks. Nice style, balance, and delivery of techniques by both athletes.
The obvious problem for Sean was the fact that Arbeau had a good height advantage on the Scottish athlete (there was only a little over 1 kg. weight difference between both athletes at the weigh in).
There were some lightning fast kick exchanges by these two that were very impressive.
Forty five seconds into the first round, McDonald delivered a right cut kick which Arbeau blocked and countered with a long left hook followed by a beautiful right long knee which hit McDonald in the spleen. McDonald went down in pain.
After a short count McDonald was up and when the fight continued, Arbeau smelled blood pouncing in and firing a hard and fast punch combination that lead to the clinch.
Here Arbeau immediately went to work on the rib area that was damaged by the first knee.
This lead to McDonald going down again. McDonald was up quickly to continue.
Arbeau continued in again and forced McDonald into the corner and using punches, elbows, and knees mercilessly delivered a barrage that injured McDonald’s rib cage.
At one minute and forty seconds into the first round, the referee stopped the bout.
Arbeau was to win the Intercontinental Prestige bout by 1st round TKO.

Would have loved to see the fight go much longer.
But, Arbeau’s long knee set up the damage and was picture perfect. Kru Eak did a wonderful job training Peter here.
Congratulations to the Canadian athlete who now prepares to fight in 2 weeks again.

NAMTF Cruiserweight MuayThai Title
Mark MacKinnon (Canada) vs. Charles Bisset (USA)

The bout opened fairly quickly with both athletes in good form. MacKinnon was intent on kicking whereas Bisset would throw some very hard low kicks but was focusing on his punches. The first round saw Bisset launch some strong punches but in particular one straight right got through snapping the Canadians head backwards. MacKinnon however was not hurt and he continued pressing forward while Bisset would hit and move angling like a boxer.
In between rounds, Mackinnon was lectured on pushing the pace a little more to keep Bisset moving backwards and taking away his ability to ‘sit’ into his punches. Also MacKinnon was told to watch out for the right hand of Bisset. As the second round opened MacKinnon started pressing a little too quickly. Bisset really started moving around the ring and landing some strong low kicks that MacKinnon neglected to block. About half way through the second round, while pressing MacKinnon threw a lazy jab and he paid for it. A thundering right hand from Bisset came over top and it was to send MacKinnon crumbling to the canvas. MacKinnon could not make the count and the end result was Bisset winning the NAMTF North American Cruiserweight Title Belt. Congratulations to Charles Bisset on his 2nd round TKO and the winning of the title.


Dwain Soon (Calgary) vs. Ehsan Khazabian (Toronto)

This bout was fought under modified MuayThai rules as the Ontario native prefers K-1 Rules to compete under.
Good fight. During the bout, Khazabian liked to move around the ring avoiding shots and delivering lots of kicks.
Soon moved very well and his footwork and reactions were well tuned and very good in this bout. Calm, relaxed, and able to pick off the majority of shots.
In the third round Khazabian delivered a spinning hook kick which found it’s mark.
Soon was able to deliver and land good counter shots both with this hands and kicks.
Soon was to win the bout by split decision.

Nicci Soutiere (Canada) vs. Sophie Gallagher (Scotland)

This bout was battled over 5 rounds. The opening two rounds were strong for Gallagher who used good timing to intercept the Canadian girl as she moved in and to tie the Canadian girl up when they fell into a clinch. Soutiere punches were generally intercepted and her kicks were redirected by Gallagher in the first two rounds.
Soutiere is known for her aggressiveness and determination and she pressed forward throughout the whole fight. Rounds three on were the turning point for the Canadian girl as she entered into the clinch and started dumping the Scottish girl to the canvas, or positioning in such a manner that Gallagher was bent over with knees being delivered at her face. As the bout progressed the Scottish girl started looking more weary dealing with Soutiere’s clinch. Soutiere was very aggressive in the final rounds allowing her to come up with a win by unanimous decision. Soutiere was to win the Best In Town Fighter Award of the event.

Scott MacKenzie (Calgary) vs. Derek Smith (Airdrie)
Complete clash of two different styles and body types. MacKenzie further threw a wrench into Smith’s battle plans by being a southpaw. Smith could not mount a significant attack as MacKenzie used his reach on the outside with long kicks and punches. When Smith would try and get closer and try exchanging leather, MacKenzie would resort to the clinch. Strong knees from MacKenzie were used in his arsenal. Towards the end of round one, MacKenzie cornered his opponent and delivered a long teep to the face which lifted Smith completely off the ground and dropped him for the count. Winner by first round TKO was Scott MacKenzie.
Smith was down on the canvas for a bit and thankfully was not badly hurt.

Hope Quinn (Calgary) vs. Kara Frehlich (Airdrie)
Very exciting opening bout to the event. Great heart and determination from both athletes. In the opening rounds both met each other in the middle of the ring with ferocity and desire. As the rounds wore on Frehlich started to pay the brunt of Quinn’s strong kicking and started slowing down. Quinn pressed with strong kicks ad punches throughout the fight. In round three Quinn just pressed forward as strong as possible and Frehlich could not get a good defense going as she was being backed up. Great fight and congratulations to Hope Quinn on her first win in the ring.

Mohammad Shah (Calgary) vs. Luis Cofre (Airdrie)
This was an exciting fight to say the least.
Cofre stepped into the ring stoked and ready to fight. Shah stepped in looking focused and relaxed.
As soon as the bell went it was action from the get go. Cofre pushed forward and the two threw huge punches with full intention of trying to knock each other out.
Neither one shook the other with their punches as neither landed cleanly with their hands.
However, Cofre resorted to the clinch and as the bout progressed this was to tire Shah out.
Desire kept Cofre in the game and he was to be awarded with the win for his efforts. Luis Cofre was to win by unanimous decision as well as win Best Out of Town Fighter Trophy.

Ethan Doucette (Calgary) vs. Anthony El Khazan (Airdrie)
Two athletes of the future battled in this one. A lot of desire in this bout. Both athletes were nervous as well as stoked to meet in the center of the ring and let the leather fly. Doucette was to rely on his kicks and single punches whereas El Khazan would swarm forward with his height and reach and intercept his foe.
The action see-sawed back and forth and early in the fight, Doucette was to take a few unintentional blows to the groin. Desire and nerves from both athletes (as it was their first bouts) contributed to some knees which did not find their appropriate mark, but at no time were the blows that fouled intentional.
El Khazan pressed forward with good technique and desire.
When the bell finally rang the decision was extremely close and truly could have went either way.
Ethan Doucette was to win the bout by split decision. Great effort by both athletes.