Chommanee has become the first World Muaythai Angel Champion. The competition started with 16 girls from around the world all vying to become the new world champion. After months of round robin events there were only 4 women left: Duennapa (Thailand), Sindy Heyer (Italy), Teresa Winter (Sweden) and Chommanee (Thailand).

Songkran, the Thai New Year provided the perfect opportunity to host the final of the competition and to see who would become the ultimate Muaythai Angel World Champion. The competition was held in a super 4 format and after the draw it was decided that Duennapa vs Heyer and Chommanee vs Winter. After two fantastic semi final bouts, we saw Chommanee pitted against Heyer for the final.

The carnival atmosphere of Songkran put the ring on fire when the 2 girls entered for the final bout. Heyer, after receiving an injury in her first fight was not at her full strength. This showed throughout the fight and after a valiant effort she was not able to continue in the third round. Chommanee became the pride of Thailand and the new Muaythai World Angel World Champion. The winner received a cash prize of 1 million baht along with a brand new Toyota car.

The show also hosted a fantastic undercard, beginning with two female fights. Michael Mich from Germany vs Snooker from Thailand. Michael came out strong in the second round giving Snooker an 8 count after a strong combination. The German then followed through with a big elbow to win the fight by K.O. The other fight saw Thailand take on Silke from Chile. Silke taking the fight on a days notice won on points.

WMC would like to thank the organisers of World Muaythai Angels for the fantastic round of events they have staged. Discussions regarding the next round are in process with qualifying events to be held around the world in the near future.