Yokkao 38

YOKKAO 37 – 38 is just four weeks away from a night of smashing action at the Macron Stadium in Bolton UK. In a highly-anticipated YOKKAO 38 bout, Craig Coakley was originally matched up against UK super lightweight top seed, Nathan Bendon. The latter has unfortunately sustained a hand injury and will be pulling out from the upcoming event. The show must go on and Coakley will now take on another formidable opponent.

The Irish fighter is on a hot winning streak with a trio of victories in all his last three YOKKAO appearances. We know that he will be looking for his fourth at the coming show but Coakley’s stint in the ring at YOKKAO 38 is not going to be a walk in the park.

Coming in to replace Bendon on 4 weeks’ notice will be none other than UK number two, Mo Abdurahman. Fighting out of Southampton’s Exile Gym, Abdurahman is one of the most promising young fighters of the moment in Muay Thai. The 21 year-old is best known for having made a number of prominent appearances on Glory as well as a memorable performance on YOKKAO Next Generation last year. With two top athletes coming to face each other in the ring, this is a potentially explosive match up that is guaranteed light up the arena.

YOKKAO 37 – 38 has put together a card of epic proportions including two sizzling main events: the sensational Superbank Sakchaichote will make his promotional debut against technical wizard, Paul Karpowicz; and Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor returns to take on Scotland’s very own Christopher Shaw. An A-list of UK favourites along with up-and-coming young talent have been lined up for the stacked card including Joe Craven, Chris Shaw, Niamh Kinehan, Lucy Payne, Wade Sword, Niall Brown and many more.