The IFMA Cultural and Heritage commission which plays an important part in IFMA for protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of Muaythai this week sent their message of congratulations to the IFMA office.

The chair of the IFMA Cultural Commission, Ajarn Chao personally congratulated the IFMA family on their outstanding work especially during the pandemic for promoting the Wai Khru and Mae Mai disciplines of the sport, which showcase the traditional and cultural aspects of the martial art.

Last year, the IFMA Cultural and Heritage Commission created and delivered a special instructional guideline for the Wai Khru virtual championship event, which saw a record number of over 30,000 participants entering the online championship, showcasing the importance of the cultural elements in muaythai.

The chairman congratulated all the winners and is now preparing for the next round of this important development of the IFMA cultural competition programme.