Friday March the 23rd will see the return of Epic Promotions in Mirrabooka, Perth this time at the Herb Graham Centre. The team have put together another amazing fight card featuring the best of the best from Australia under the sanctioning of the WMC.

Headlining the show is the highly anticipated fight between Lloyd Dean and Roy Wills which is long overdue and Tyler Hardcastle will face Damon Nelson for the WMC State Title at 66.68kg,

Full fight card in order.
All Fights Full Thai Rules

Friday March 23 rd
Perth Western Australia

Lloyd Dean vs Roy Wills 65 kg 5×3
George Mann vs Palungchok Ptj MuayThai 69 kg 3×3
Barrie Oliver vs Ramesh Habib (Fighters Xpress). 65 kg 5×3
Jordan Godtfredsen vs Dommie Kelly 65 kg 5×2
Alicia Pestana vs Whitney Tobin (PTJ) 57kg 5×2
Tyler Hardcastle vs Damon Nelson WMC Title 66.68 kg 5×3
Steph Glew vs Zoe Putorak 66 kg 5×2
Ben Cant vs Teerawat Hoysung 63.5 kg 3×3
Mitch Holder vs Ryan Black 69 kg 3×3
Maddie Duiker vs Bec Rooney 57kg 5×2
Kerrianne Mckay vs Mandy Hopper 57kg 5×2
Ben Osborne vs Moe Zee 72.5 3×2
Amanda Thomson vs Pippa King 53.5 3×2
Megan Berberick vs Jo O’Neil- Sutton 59kg 3×2
Chris Tinkler vs Stephan Lottering 80kg 3×2
Beau Scarlett vs Jeff Bright 68 kg 3×2
Paris Rose vs Angela Lunghitano 60kg 3×2
John Prentice vs Jason Walker 79kg 3×2