Elite Boxing, the World Muaythai Council, the Malaysian Muaythai Federation and Evolution have joined forces for this Malaysian mega-event. Malaysia, which just hosted the 2014 IFMA World Championship with a record number of 101 countries, secured another world class event.

Evolution, which has been Australia’s premier promotions for many years, and Evolution promoter, Nugget McNaught, said that he is truly honoured that Malaysia is staging the promotion after the successful Emmy-nominated Challenger Muaythai reality show, the World Championship, and now this event and in all events he has had a part of.

Dato Shahnaz Azmi stated that this is the second time Elite Boxing is partnering up with Malyasian Muaythai, and he is well aware that this will be an uphill battle, preparing the fights between the best fighters of Australia and Asia. Toli Markis, Elite Boxing director, said that Malaysia has become one of the world’s hubs for Mauythai and that the last Elite Boxing event was highly successful and this event, which will be held at the Imperial Ballroom at the One World Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, will set another benchmark.

Stephan Fox, IFMA General Secretary and Vice President of the World Muaythai Council, stated that some of the world’s best will square off in this event, with Malaysian team captain and Asian Champion Ali Yaakub taking on Thai-Australian Champion, Ghot Seur Noi. The next highlight match will be Seagame Gold medal winner, Challenger Muaythai quarterfinalist, Faizal Ramli, taking on Australian Champion and one of the Contender stars Bruce Macfie. Asian Champion Vahid Sor Kaewsuek from Iran, will take on Jom Kitti from Thailand, while Frank Paredes Vilchez, the South American Champion will take on the European Champion Anton Petrov. Malaysian Champion and upcoming superstar, Amir Naseri, will take on Australian legend, Dane Daddy Kool, in one of the most anticipated matches.

Watch the event live on the Elite Boxing site and stay tuned for updates on the WMC website.