Saturday the 16th of June in the city of the birthplace of the Olympics, Athens, Greece will be host to the latest edition of Muaythai Grand Prix. The show continues to grow from strength to strength as they operate in numerous countries around the world including England and France to name a few.

This latest edition will be in the form of ‘Angels’ with an all female line up for the show featuring some of Europe’s finest athletes. Female muaythai has come a long way over the past few years especially in the motherland of the sport, Thailand and many shows are now promoting all female line ups such as Women’s Fight and Angel Fight.

Promoter Pavlos Kaponis stated that female empowerment within the sport on the European scene continues to grow from strength to strength and we feel that the level has come to the point where it rivals their male counterparts. There are some great female athletes within Europe and our show aims to showcase these talents.