Saturday the 18th of May will be a historical day for Muaythai, with the final of the Silk Road Cup taking place in Uzbekistan.

The story of the Silk Road is one of grand adventure. From China to India, through Southeast Asia, Persia, Arabia and into the ancient Mediterranean, the Silk Road once stretched through baking deserts, over treacherous mountain passes, and across lush landscapes.

The route was traveled by merchants and caravans, explorers, and conquerors in search of wealth, trade, and new lands. The result was a mix of culture and civilization which marked the history of our world.

All together, 16 fighters from 12 countries have made it to the Silk Road Final, which will also decide two spots for the upcoming World Combat Games, under patronage of the IOC. The event will be televised across all Russian-speaking countries and through Asia via ESPN.

Samarkand is a unique city, which lies at the centre of the Silk Road. It was once the capital city of the great Turkic emperor, “Timur” also known as Tamerlane. Today, Samarkand is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (

The event will show that sport and culture can mix in a spectacular fusion. It is fully supported by the government of Uzbekistan and organized in conjunction with the Uzbekistan Muaythai federation, the continental body FAMA, and the world body IFMA.