“Muaythai for Every Body”

 FITNESS FIRST, the world’s largest fitness chain with over 430 clubs with over 1.3 million members globally has adopted muaythai into their fitness programs.

FITNESS FIRST, a staunch supporter of muaythai and Contender Asia and one of the main sponsors of The Challenger Muaythai, is now incorporating muaythai into FITNESS FIRST health clubs for their members to learn and incorporate Muaythai techniques with high energy levels, strength and agility into your fitness regime.

To celebrate the launch of “Muaythai for Fitness”, a special press workshop was held at FITNESS FIRST Malaysia.

One of the most renowned muaythai personalities in the world, the host of Contender Asia and Challenger Muaythai Mr. Stephan Fox, the star trainer of Contender Asia and Challenger Muaythai Hanarong, Malaysian superstar Faisal and the Malaysian Tigers under the umbrella of the Malaysian Muaythai Association; conducted this amazing workshop.

65 representatives of the press had the chance to experience muaythai first hand and the work shop was a huge success.

“Our business at Fitness First is not only about helping people to lose those inches; it’s about providing them with the best fitness experience that motivates them to achieve the various fitness goals that they have. How does this work? We shake things up a bit; we help people incorporate new and exciting ways to have fun during fitness routines at our health clubs with Muaythai providing a fresh and new approach,” Said Shaun Measday, Managing Director, Fitness First Malaysia.

Shahnaz Azmi, President of the Malaysian Muaythai Association stated “I am extremely happy with the development of muaythai, which is truly a martial art and sport for every body”

Muaythai is a form of martial art which is dynamic in nature. It improves physical strength, coordination, stability, stamina and whole body awareness. Those who practice will also notice improvement in patience, self-control and reduction in stress level.

Stephan Fox, Vice President of the WMC stated “I am extremely happy that Fitness First has made this important partnership with the WMC and you are never too old, never too young, never too fit or unfit to incorporate Muaythai in your fitness regime”.

It was a fantastic promotion for Fitness First, for muaythai and will be incorporated around the world.