After the great success of The Contender Asia, which was broadcasted in over 50 countries around the world in 2008, the second season is coming up this year as The Challenger Muaythai.

Contender was with no doubt considered the best chance to present the art and sport of muaythai throughout the world. The popularity of the sport has been growing at a rate never seen before within the martial art’s world, and fans are now spread in all five continents.

It is with much pride though that muaythai still carries with itself much tradition and is not willing to let go on the cultural aspects that have been passed on over the years, from one generation to the next, in the land of Siam.

The Challenger Muaythai, which is set to premiere in the fourth quarter of this year on AXN and is foreseeing over 400 Million spectators worldwide, is about 16 fighters following their dreams, setting up goals and overcoming obstacles.

The production has started in Malaysia and with no doubt this will be the most exciting reality TV seen so far as the fighters, who are all sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council, and have gained their popularity in their own countries and internationally, are extremely motivated to win the ultimate title of Muaythai World Champion and will most surely not go down without a fight. They are not in town to play!

The Challenger Muaythai will see a sequence of bouts, with the best fighters giving their hearts to succeed, combined with real live drama, stress, competition, and training. The 16 contestants will be divided into 2 teams to battle each other on elimination fights, which will be analysed by Stephan Fox and their trainers, giving the viewers a great new insight into muaythai and into what it takes to be a real world champion.

The reality TV will be shown in 12 one hour episodes, bringing to a two hour spectacular season finale fight, where only the very best of the best will be still standing up.