The countdown begins for YOKKAO 45-46 with less than two weeks left to fight night in Turin, Italy. Organised in partnership with YOKKAO Italy promoter, Carlo Barbuto, the 45-46th edition of the official event series will be held on 25 January at the PalaRuffini Arena..

Yokkao are marking their return to Italy with another stacked card of stellar match-ups following the sold-out success of last year’s event in Turin. This year’s massive fight card features notable champions and home-grown fan-favorites from Italy who star alongside members of the YOKKAO Fight Team including Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai, Yodchai and Faipha.

Headlining the show are two highly-anticipated bouts with multi-time world champion, Singdam taking on Christian Zahe; and living legend, Saenchai in the main event against local hero, Shan Cangelosi. With the two Thai legends together on the same card, this is definitely a rare occasion and an event not to be missed.The undercard is set to start at 15:00 with the main card kicking off at 19:00. Tickets are available at: . Here’s a look at the full fight card:

** YOKKAO 46 **YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg

Saenchai Pk Saenchaimuaythaigym vs Shan CangelosiYOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg

Manachai Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Pasquale AmorusoYOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs YOKKAO Fight Team Italy -65kg

Faipha Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Cristian FaustinoFrance vs Italy -85kg

Jeanne Jacky vs Luca AndreaniItaly vs Italy -70kg

Martin Meoni vs Filippo SolheidItaly vs Italy – 63.5kg

Riccardo Cristiani vs Jonathan AstaritaItaly vs France -70kg

Tiziano Campus vs Damien Cazambo** YOKKAO 45 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg
Singdam Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Christian Zahe

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -61kg
Yodchai Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Alessandro Sara

France vs Italy -52kg
Juliette Lacroix Brizon vs Jleana Valentino

Mexico vs Italy -60kg
Jose Tuzo vs Rustam Vyntu

Italy vs Italy -72.5kg
Yao Agbetiafa vs Francesco Laquale

Italy vs Italy -88kg
Rovelli Paolo vs Michele Mastromatteo

Egypt vs Italy -65kg
Taha El Makarem vs Ruben Sciortino

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Valerio Camusso vs Cisse Alphousseyni -64kg

Giulia Lannotti vs Giorgia Abena -61kg

Alessandro Specolizzi vs Andrea De Stefano -58kg

Ciro Salvati vs Francesco Demartis -67kg

Oscar Salsotto vs Laurentiu Partenie -72kg

Michael Termini vs Baye Leye Talla -59kg

Andrea Castellano vs Emanuele Puolo -65kg

Paterniti Sebastiano vs Luca Ratti -58kg

Alberighi Matteo vs Chakir Anouar -64kg

Andrea De Masi vs Shady Plez -63.5kg

Valeria Gargiulo vs Giada Nicosia -52kg

Giacomazzo vs Alessandro Venuto -72kg

Vittorio Amodeo vs Oussama Chaidi -67kg

Mike Astarita vs Andrea Passoni -58kg

Meraje Ozbazaie vs Razvan Burcan -63.5kg

Alfredo Foglia vs Alessandro Fillini -60kg

Forte Alessio vs Abdo Toma -63.5kg

Alessandro Pugliese vs Bircaj Endry -71kg