Denmark Hosts World Class Event

The Muaythai family of Maeng-Ho Family, under the sanctioning of the Danish Muaythai Federation, IFMA and WMC is hosting the biggest muaythai event ever held in Denmark.

The Roskilde Kongrescenter, one of Denmark’s premier venues, will host this muaythai historical event which will see, no doubt, the best of the best competing for fame and glory.

The main fight will see muaythai superstar and the pride of Denmark, El-Mir taking the Italian champion, Franzese.

The President of the Denmark Muaythai Federation, Mr. Hans Emil Olesen, stated that over the last years, muaythai in Denmark has developed through a strict youth development program in which the superstars of muaythai like El-Mir, has benefitted from this grassroots development.

IFMA and WMC would like to wish all the athletes good luck.