Saturday the 30th July at the Sport’s Authority of Thailand Complex celebrated The King of Thailand’s birthday with a spectacular muaythai event . His Majesty King Rama the 10 turned 66 and in honour of the beloved King the World Muaythai Council under Royal patronage and the the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur put together 100 fights over a 2 day period, including 3 female super 4 tournaments.


The 57kg category included Sanfan Jackie gym and Sai Fa Sor Suparat from Thailand who are both renowned as tough athletes on the scene. Candice Mitchell the previous King’s cup winner was also on the bill alongside Hayley Cee from the UK .

The first fight of the evening saw Candice Mitchell go head to head with Sai Fa in what was a very close fight. The second fight of the evening saw Hayley Cee face Sanfan with Hayley going through to the final.


The final bout surprised everyone as the two visitors beat the Thais in the preliminary rounds and was evenly matched with a great mix of styles. The fight was neck and neck right until the final bell but it was Hayley Cee who emerged victorious and became this years champion, silencing the crowd after beating the current champion.