The Hong Kong Muaythai Association is one of the leading associations in Asia which have organised some of the biggest annual promotions under the banners of IFMA and WMC. Many superstars from around the world such as Yodsanklai, Mardsua, Somsak, Arslan and Kulebin, including many celebrities such as Jackie Chan have been a part of these five-star Hong Kong events.

Hong Kong has also staged many IFMA international competitions and now is planning post pandemic to ensure that the Hong Kong national team is ready for the upcoming Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and qualify for the World Games.

HKMTA will once again host the best of the best in Hong Kong, with its first national event set to take place this Saturday with the full support of the government under strict safety regulations to ensure as always, that the safety and wellbeing of all the participants is the number one priority.

The HKMTA headquarter is located within the National Olympic Committee and works very closely with the authorities for the betterment of the sport and art of muaythai in China.