Hong for centuries has been the centre for martial arts. Many of the best Kung-Fu movies, celebrities like Jackie Chan, all have been superstars in Hong Kong and China long before they captured the attention of the rest of the world.

The Hong Kong Muaythai Association (HKMTA), is a proud member of the WMC IFMA and FAMA. Tim Lee, one of the IFMA vice presidents and Eldy Chan, the chairman of HKMTA and vice president of FAMA stated that the co-operation between the athletes, the gyms, the NF the IF, the government and national Sports council is the key to success.

Hong Kong is maybe small in size but sport plays an important part in Hong Kong society and Muaythai one of the biggest federations there with 105 member gyms being affiliated to the NF. Tim Lee stated that the co-operation between FAMA, IFMA and WMC is of utmost importance for the athletes so that they can make a healthy transition from amateur to professional, or practice Muaythai for the many benefits, confidence, fitness, or the cultural aspects. Hong Kong will continue to promote Muaythai as a way of life, ensure gender equality, sport integrity, and participate in the various social campaigns in the future where Muaythai is involved.