Muaythai Mania has organised the first ever female four-athlete tournament in Hungarian professional muaythai, together with a male tournament and a super fight, where Gabor Gorbics, the winner of 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games stepped in the ring against an experienced thai fighter, Deo “Check Bin” Phetsangkhat in a 5-round bout. 


Muaythai Mania 9.

BSK Center, Budapest, Hungary
12. September 2015.
Female tournament 63,5 kg
elimination fights (3×3)
1.Bélik Tímea – Tollár Team 
vs Nagy Fruzsina – Thor Gym (WP 3:0)

2.Rácz Irén – Cutler Gym vs Kovács Alexandra – Tong Thai (WP 3:0)

Male tournament 69,85 kg

elimination fights (3×3)

3.Bodnár Dániel – Majzik Team vs Varga Gyula – Taskó Fight (WP 3:0)

4.Kovács Krisztián – Hajdúság vs Gál Ádám – Salgó Fight (WP 3:0)

Female tournament final

5.Kovács Alexandra – Tong Thai vs Bélik Tímea – Tollár Team (WP 2:1)

Male tournament final

6.Gál Ádám – Salgó Fight vs Bodnár Dániel – Majzik Team (WP 3:0)

Prestige Fight 5×3 66,68 kg

7.Görbics Gábor – Hungary vs  Deo “Check Bin” Phetsangkhat Thailand (TKO 1st round; cut due to elbow punch, doctor stopped the bout)